Lighting Design

For more than ten years I have been developing and practicing my skills in the art of theatrical lighting design. From simple straight plays to complex dances and musicals, my goal is to create the most professional and artistically appropriate look possible. I achieve this by coordinating closely with the director and the rest of the production team, by carrying out an organized, step-by-step design process, and by proactively seeking solutions to design challenges.

Lighting Design


Musicals, which combine singing, acting, and dancing, can present a wide range of challenges to the lighting designer. Meeting these challenges is a rewarding process that calls on all the skills of the designer. Click above to explore my work lighting musicals.


Dance provides lighting designers unique opportunities to be creative as lighting is relied heavily upon to both reveal the form of the dancer and to establish an environment that speaks to the theme of the piece. Click above to explore my work lighting dance.