Matt Grenier

Technical Director | Designer | Fabricator

2007 December, Fokine Ballet Company
Goodrich Theater, SUNY Oneonta
Directed by Donna Decker, Lighting Design by Martin Kappel, Lighting Direction by Matthew Grenier
Photos by Jon Schoonmaker


Lighting Paperwork

Remarks: Tragically, the original lighting designer of this production passed away in a rigging accident in 2005. As the lighting director, it was my responsibility to resurrect his lighting design from photographs, video footage, and an incomplete assortment of paperwork. Additionally, because this production is the same every year, I developed a comprehensive set of design paperwork (including instrument hanging cards and Broadway-style focus charts) to facilitate more effective implementation of the lighting design.

  • Lighting Plot – Complete lighting plot created in VectorWorks
  • Focus Points – Drawing illustrating the focus points and reference grid
  • Focus Point Quick Sheet – Spreadsheet listing all focus points with coordinates
  • Focus Charts – Broadway-style charts illustrating how to focus each lighting instrument

Additional Information

The Fokine Ballet Company, directed by Donna Decker, was established in 1988 to enhance the Oneonta area’s cultural climate with quality performances. The company prides itself on showcasing professional dancers of the highest caliber from the New York metropolitan area, and from Poland and Russia, with whom young dancers have the opportunity to perform. The Fokine Ballet Company’s production of The Nutcracker ballet each December hearkens back to the original 1892 Peters-burg production; the FBC version is based on Decker’s grandmother Alexandra Fedorova Fokine’s restaging of the original production for the Ballet Russe in 1940, and on her mother Irine Fokine’s 1957 version. To learn more about the company visit