Matt Grenier

Technical Director | Designer | Fabricator

Honk! Eggs

Honk! is a delightful and award-winning adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s popular children’s story The Ugly Duckling.

Five eggs were needed for the ducklings to hatch from; four smaller eggs for the “ordinary” ducklings and one big egg for Ugly. Before they could hatch, the actors had to sneak into the eggs from the back while the show was in progress. Lastly, the eggs had to be relatively easy to reassemble after each show. The eggs were created by stacking rings of two inch insulation foam and then filling, coating, sanding, and painting the surface.


Fabricator, ATD


Musical by Anthony Drewe and George Stiles
Directed by Andrew Kahl
Scenic Design by Barbara Kahl
with Assistant Kenny Brooke
Lighting Design by Scott Segar
Costume Design by Bethany Marx
Technical Direction by Scott Segar

SUNY Oneonta Theatre Department, April 2018
Fine Arts Center, Goodrich Theater