Matt Grenier

Technical Director | Designer | Fabricator

Disgraced Shiva

Ayad Akhtar’s 2013 Pulitzer Prize-winning play Disgraced calls for a statue of Shiva on the set. The character Amir has received the statue from a friend who mistook him for Indian although he is Pakistani. Scenic designer John Bagby selected a statue of Shiva Nataraja, which combines the Hindu god’s roles as creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe all in one figure.

To create the statue for the show, a free model was downloaded, modified, and 3D printed. The source model was produced by Geoffrey Marchal, who photographed a 13th century bronze statue at a museum in Belgium and used photogrammetry software to generate a rough 3D model.


Prop Fabricator, ATD


Play by Ayad Akhtar
Directed by John McCaslin-Doyle
Assistant Direction by Emily Kramer
Scenic Design by John Bagby
Props Coordination by Dan Lynch
Lighting Design by Stephen Wilson
Technical Direction by Scott Segar

SUNY Oneonta Theatre Department, November 2019
Fine Arts Center, Goodrich Theater