Matt Grenier

Technical Director | Designer | Fabricator

Phantom Chandelier

The call for the iconic Phantom chandelier was answered with help from the entire Grenier family. To safely fly the chandelier, it was designed and fabricated to be strong and lightweight while still large enough for the 700-seat venue. The general concept of the rigging was to swing the chandelier up and down from the ceiling using a two-leg bridle with one adjustable leg. The fixed leg of the bridle was split into two separate cables to stabilize the chandelier during flight.

Since its debut, the chandelier has remained available for sale or rent. During a 2012 rental to Archbishop Stepinac High School, the chandelier reached global audiences by appearing on the A&E television series Shipping Wars. See Season 2, Episode 4, One Crystal Short of a Geode.


Engineer, Rigger, Technical Director, Lead Fabricator


Created by Denis, Susan, Matt and David Grenier
Chandelier Operated by Lloyd Quillen
Fabrication Assistance by FIRST Robotics Team 145

Phantom of the Opera
Music by Andrew Lloyd Weber
Lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe
Directed by Mark Sands
Orchestra Direction by Mary Mayo
Vocal Direction by Mary Mayo and Meena Conant
Stage Managed by Allyson Morehead
Scenic and Lighting Design by Matt Grenier
Costumes by Norma DeGraw and Susan Grenier
Prop Coordination by Susan Grenier
Make-up Coordination by Diane Natale
Sound Design by Steve Samsonik

Norwich High School Musical Club, April 2011
Norwich High School Auditorium


The information shared about this project is incomplete and not intended to be instructional. Attempting to replicate this project could result in serious injury.